September 24, 2015


Let’s Get Started!

What does the assessment include?

There are three stages to our application process:

Online Assessment
Offline Assessment
Application Submission

How it works

Stage 01 – Online Assessment

The Online Assessment is divided into three sub-sections: General Language, Research and Audio.

You will be graded on each of these sections as you progress and allowed to continue based on your performance. If you fail any section of the assessment you will not be able to complete the remainder of the assessment and your application will be considered unsuccessful.

Set aside about an hour of your time to complete this stage of your application. You shouldn’t need any more than that. If you leave the assessment at any point without finishing (by closing your browser, for example) you will have to wait 24 hours before attempting the assessment again.

Stage 02 – Offline Assessment

After successfully completing the online assessment, a link to an offline assessment will be made available to you. There is no need to remain on our website to do this, you can process it at your own pace.

Stage 03 – Assessment Submission

For this final stage of the assessment, you will fill out an online application form and upload your completed documents from the offline assessment you downloaded in Stage 2.