Transcription Jobs

transcription jobs


Looking for reliable and regular income working online? Way With Words is always looking for enthusiastic, talented and reliable people to join our growing team of international and local independent contractors. We are ready to hear from you! Simply apply now for transcription jobs to find out more about working for us.


EARN MONEY ONLINE! There are many ways to make money from home that suit every type of schedule, whether you’re a student looking for a part-time job or a busy stay-at-home mom with years of transcription experience.

Audio and video transcription is and remains one of the fastest growing, legitimate virtual jobs globally. Transcription jobs and work can be a good choice for people who are retired, students who want evening or weekend work, or any others who would like to earn extra income in their free time.

Decades ago, transcription jobs were much more manual, as secretaries had to take quick notes, writing down as much of a speech as they could capture, primarily shorthand. They also had to physically be at the location where the service was required. With the introduction of cassettes, then portable tape recorders and then the increasing use of office computers, audio transcription has advanced by strides. Rather than going to the live event, transcribers can now work off servers collect or have work sent to them in their own office, which could be far from the actual event. For the first time, transcribers could actually work from home transcribing many different individuals, business or government debates, discussions, hearings or more!


Way With Words provides transcription services to many industries – from medical and healthcare, legal, financial, business, marketing, research, academic, conferences, meetings to media and telecommunications. Our expanding customer base requires a growing pool of talented Way With Words transcribers globally.