Transcription Work

transcription work

Transcription Work – Earn Money Today!

Many jobs require you at the workplace at certain times; however, when doing transcription work or applying for transcription jobs online you can set your own days and hours.

Online transcription work involves listening to audio and typing what you hear, all from your home computer. The content of the typing ranges from job to job, making transcription work fun and informative! All file transfers take place online, meaning that absolutely everything is done entirely from home. No wasting time driving to work, waiting to receive tapes as in the past, or posting transcriptions back. The internet has made the possibility of transcription jobs much simpler and easier and more and more people are turning to this as a viable career choice.

Transcription work from home is convenient as you can easily take days off for family and other commitments. Instead of trying to fit personal time around work, you can fit your transcription work around your personal time, giving you the flexibility to manage your own work/life balance.

We do not require you to transcribe a minimum number of hours each week as many other online transcription companies do, so our transcribers are able to specify when and for how many hours they can commit. Obviously, if you spend more time working, your earnings will be proportionally higher. You are also able to pick and choose the files you wish to work on, so choose what interests you and get paid to learn!

Online transcription work is ideal for those who have young children, for students or pensioners looking for part-time work, or even those looking to pursue transcription as a full-time career! The possibilities are endless and the transcription work is a great means of augmenting your income.


We pay our transcribers monthly directly into their bank accounts or PayPal account, depending on where you are based.

Think a job in transcription could be for you? Why not kick start your career and apply with us now!