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What makes Way With Words transcription quality and accuracy stand out above the rest each time? It’s simple: our transcribers!


They are not typists, secretaries, nor data capturers, they are transcribers.

There’s a difference – while they can type, while most can manage an office, and while many can certainly capture data, they are, above all else, language specialists. They are native English speakers who excel in their understanding of English and the nuances of the language. And this is combined with excellent and precise hearing.

Transcribing is a job that only someone with a highly specific set of skills can successfully perform. We do not require previous transcribing experience, as we often find exceptional candidates right from the start. Nor do we find that previous training in transcription from other companies is a reliable indicator of ability. A top-notch transcriber requires all of the following: excellent hearing, a wide vocabulary, extensive general knowledge, a strong sense of language and a commitment to the deadline.


The Way With Words recruitment and assessment process is managed through a dedicated job portal: The tests and assessments we set are thorough and rigorous (probably the most demanding when compared to most other transcription companies). They weigh heavily with English language testing and only lightly with typing speed. We find that while typing speed increases over time, what is important to us right from the beginning is an applicant’s ability to hear words and language, understand correct grammar, knowledge of the key subject matter, and properly apply the rules of punctuation. We also require honesty, integrity, and dedication to excellence and deadlines.

Our transcribers are contracted directly with us and have signed confidentiality clauses that fulfill the terms of most demanding data privacy legislation. They are fully committed to our stringent policies concerning confidentiality and data protection. In addition, they are subject specialists, many having exceptional backgrounds in academia, business, law, medicine, finance, media, and even technology amongst others. They bring a wealth of knowledge to their transcribing, a benefit to our clients on which we cannot even begin to place a value.


Our commitment to our clients begins and ends with the dedicated, professional and exceptional team who work for us, and essentially, for our clients. Clients expect high-quality transcripts delivered by the deadline they have chosen – from Express to longer. Our transcribers work toward the deadlines chosen by the needs of the client.

We employ transcribers from all around the world to best serve clients globally. In addition to the United States, Canada, Australia, and the United Kingdom, we have transcribers from South Africa, Singapore and parts of Europe.

Finally, many of our transcribers are career transcribers. That means it is their job. It’s what they do. It’s what they love. Our dedicated transcribers will capture, with accuracy and precision, what has been said, transforming speech into documents that allow for easy access and use of these words.